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Directions to Campus

To reach UVa-Wise from most points in Virginia, you will travel on I-81 until you reach Abingdon. Historic Abingdon is home to the Martha Washington Inn and the Barter Theater. When you reach Abingdon, you will be about an hour from the UVa-Wise campus.

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Approximate Driving Times

   Richmond -- 6 hours
   Fairfax/Prince William County -- 6.5 hours
   Virginia Beach/Norfolk -- 8 hours
   Eastern Shore -- 9.5 hours
   Danville -- 4.5 hours
   Roanoke -- 3 hours
   Kingsport, TN -- 1.25 hours
   Hazard, KY -- 1.5 hours
   Jenkins, KY -- 30 minutes

I. From Abingdon, VA

1. From I-81, take exit 17 - Abingdon/South Holston Dam. If you are traveling SOUTH on I-81, you will turn right into Abingdon. Those traveling NORTH should turn left. Go to the second traffic light (.7 mile). This is the main street through Abingdon. Turn left (US 11 South/US 58A West). Go to the second traffic light. Turn right onto US 58A West. (You will travel US 58A West to Norton, which is within minutes of the College).

2. Proceed to the stop sign at the intersection of US 19N/US 58A West (1 mile). Turn right. Proceed 12.2 miles north to the intersection of where US 58A and US 19 split. TURN LEFT and travel 30 miles to Norton. You will by-pass the towns of St. Paul and Coeburn.

3. As you approach Norton, you will see the Quality Inn and Super 8 motels on your left. You should be in the right lane and exit on US 23 North directly across from the Quality Inn and Super 8.

4. Proceed on the four-lane to the second traffic light (2.5 miles). You will see McDonald's on your right. Turn right here and proceed 1.2 miles into the Town of Wise on Business 23. The road will come to a traffic light at a "T" intersection. Turn right. You will see the historic Wise Inn and the Courthouse on the right as you proceed through town. Continue through town to the third traffic light (.7 mile). Turn right onto Darden Drive/Route 646 (unmarked). A Valero food market is on the corner across from you. The College is approximately .8 mile on your left.

5. The Office of Admissions is located in Crockett Hall.

II. From Kingsport, TN

If you are traveling on I-26, take the US 23N exit (Gate City). Follow US 23N for approximately 45.6 miles, past the Big Stone Gap and Norton exits (2 each). After passing the second Norton exit (marked 58W to Coeburn), follow the directions in the last paragraph of Section I. above.

III. From Eastern Kentucky

1. From the north (Jenkins), take Route 23S, bypassing Pound, to Wise. Turn left at the first traffic light onto US 23 Business. Proceed through the Town of Wise. At the fourth traffic light, turn right onto Darden Drive/Route 646 (unmarked). A Valero food market will be on the corner across from you. The College is .8 mile on the left.

2. From the south/west (Cumberland), take Route 160 to Lynch. Proceed across Black Mountain to Appalachia, VA. Take Route 23N Business to Norton. At the first traffic light in Norton, turn right. Pass J.I. Burton High School on the left. Turn right at the next light. Turn right onto US23 North (second ramp). Follow the directions in the last paragraph of Section I above.

Campus Map

A copy of the campus map can be downloaded here (PDF format).

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