Provost's Council

Provost's Council 2012-13

The Provost's Council is chaired by the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and is comprised of the academic Department Chairs, the Academic Dean, the Registrar, the Director of Library Services, the Chair of the Faculty Senate, the Director of Institutional Research, the Coordinator for Advising, Assessment and Retention, and the Site Director for Abingdon Programs. The group has responsibility for the planning, implementation and evaluation of the educational program.

Functions of the Provost's Council are to:

Develop educational goals consistent with the approved institutional mission;

Formulate priorities of program activities;

Coordinate implementation of educational plans and programs;

Implement the Virginia Assessment Program;

Advise the Provost and the Academic Dean about other educational matters; and

Study the impact of new issues on the academic program and recommend policy concerning those issues.


Members of the Provost's Council are:


Sanders Huguenin,
Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

David Kendall

Chair, Department of Business and Economics

Rachel Tighe

Chair, Department of Communication Studies

Jeffrey Cantrell

Chair, Department of Education

Thomas Costa

Chair, Department of History and Philosophy

John Mark Adrian

Chair, Department of Language and Literature

Alex Edwards

Chair, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Margie Tucker

Chair, Department of Natural Sciences

Cathleen Anderson-Collins

Chair , Department of Nursing

Bryan Hoyt

Chair, Department of Social Sciences

Suzanne Adams-Ramsey

Chair, Visual and Performing Arts

Robin Benke

Director of Library Services

Narda Porter


Courtney Conner

Site Director, Abingdon Program

Amelia Harris

Academic Dean

Elizabeth Steele

Coordinator for Advising, Retention and Assessment

James Wardell

Director, Center for Teaching Excellence

Christopher Scalia
Chair, Faculty Senate


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