Honors Program : News

Upcoming Events:

Rollerskating Excursion

Join us on Friday evening, February 13th for an excursion to the fabled Vance Family Skate Center in Clintwood.  We’ll lace up our classic leather rental skates and carve graceful counterclockwise arcs around the rink while the slightly outdated dance music pulses all around us.


Murder Mystery Dinner

Back by popular demand.  This year’s edition will be Saturday, February 21st.  The setting:  an English country house in Derbyshire in 1935.  Lord and Lady Westing have died in a tragic hot-air balloon accident, and a sampling of savory and unsavory characters have gathered for the reading of the aristocratic couple’s will.  An evening of good food, sparkling conversation, and murder at the Adrian home in Wise.


Spring Trip to Louisville, KY

Friday, March 20 – Sunday, March 22.  After classes on Friday, we’ll drive to Louisville and spend the next day and half exploring the Derby City, the twenty-eighth most populous city in the United States.  Possibilities include:  Churchill Downs, the Louisville Slugger museum, Falls of the Ohio state park (known for its exposed fossil beds), area used bookstores, cookout at Aunt Sharon’s house, pedestrian footbridge that crosses the Ohio River and connects Kentucky and Indiana, Cave Hill Cemetery, Frazier History Museum, Mega Cavern, and more.  As we return on Sunday, we’ll probably stop off in Lexington to see the University of Kentucky and have lunch.


Hiking Trip

On the weekend of either March 28 or April 4 (we’ll wait and see what the weather looks like), we’ll go hiking in the area—most likely to Little Stony falls.  We may well be joined by a local geologist or botanist to shed additional insight on what we are seeing.