Getting An Advisor

Getting An Advisor

The University of Virginia’s College at Wise believes that academic advising is critical to student success and makes every effort to ensure that each student has an assigned advisor to whom he or she can turn for assistance.

First-year students who are enrolled in the Freshman Seminar (Sem 1010) are automatically assigned to their seminar instructors as advisees.  The instructor meets weekly with the seminar and thus is ideally situated to help monitor the student’s progress and needs during a transitional year.  Freshmen may seek advising assistance from the Office of Advising and Retention, which is open daily from 8 a.m to 5 p.m

Students who are ready to declare an academic major must meet with the chair of the department in which the major is housed in order to complete the declaration.   The department chair will assign the student for advising to a faculty member within the department.  First-year students may declare their majors, but are expected to work as well with the seminar instructor during the session they are enrolled in Sem 1010.

Transfer and readmitted students with more than 30 hours are urged to declare their majors with the departments upon matriculation, but may work with the Office of Advising and Retention until a declaration of major is filed (see below).

Students access registration at the College on the basis of seniority:  seniors are offered registration access first, then juniors, sophomore, freshmen, and all other new enrollees.  Advisors must open registration access for their students electronically; advisees should work with their advisors well in advance of an upcoming registration period to ensure a smooth registration experience.  All students are required to declare a major by the time they have earned 60 hours and should declare as soon as feasible during the session in which the 60 hour mark is reached; students who have failed to declare by 60 hours forfeit their registration priority.