Peake Honor's Program

The Peake Honors Program offers academically-motivated students further opportunities for engagement and growth through participation in intensive, interdisciplinary courses and enriching out-of-class activities.  Students completing the program not only gain the skills associated with advanced study, but also earn the distinction of graduating “With College Honors.”


The Honors experience culminates with a semester-long, interdisciplinary research project.  Working closely with two faculty members from different disciplines, the student generates a topic, conducts research, composes a paper, and presents his/her findings in a public presentation.  The Capstone Project is an especially valuable experience for those who are planning to attend graduate school.


Alternatively, students may design and complete two smaller, independent research projects at any point during their time in the Honors Program.  Such projects could include an independent study with a faculty member, an additional research paper in a regular class, a study abroad journal or presentation, the writing of a play or other creative manuscript, or any other suitable academic/creative exercise. 


Examples of recent Honors students' research projects can be found here.