Courses in Dance


DANC 103: Ballet, Beginning (2)
An introductory course in classical ballet technique, drawing primarily from the Russian and Italian schools. Principles of body alignment will be stressed, as well as an understanding of basic terminology.

DANC 104: Beginning Modern Dance (2)
Basic techniques of the modern dance movement in America, emphasizing dance as serious theatre art and as a means of individual expression.

DANC 105: Beginning Jazz Dance (2)
A study of jazz dance technique and its cultural roots.

DANC 106: Country and Folk Dance (2)
Study of the basic techniques of contemporary and traditional ethnic dance.

DANC 195, 295: Special Studies in Dance (1-3)

DANC 203: Ballet, Advanced Beginning (2)
Prerequisite: DANC 103 or equivalent
A continuation of the techniques of classical ballet.

DANC 204: Advanced Beginning Modern Dance (2)
Prerequisite: DANC 104 or equivalent
A continuation of the basic techniques of modern dance.

DANC 205: Advanced Beginning Jazz Dance (2)
Prerequisite: DANC 105 or equivalent
A continuation of the study of jazz dance technique.

DANC 207: Dance Ensemble (2)
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor
Provides formal and informal performance opportunities for qualified dancers. Background in ballet, modern dance or jazz desirable. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits.