Faculty & Staff


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Suzanne Adams-Ramsey
Department Chair;
Professor of Art

Center for the Arts 123 (276) 376-4579
Richard D. Galyean Richard Galyean
Instructor of Music; Director of Bands
Center for the Arts 127 (276) 328-0235
No picture available Michael K. Hunt
Assistant Professor of Theatre
Center for the Arts 136

(276) 376-4637


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Benjamin Mays
Assistant Professor of Theater; Technical Director

  Center for the Arts 105a   (276) 376-4537
No picture available Michael McNulty
Professor of Theatre Arts
Center for the Arts 137

(276) 328-0226



Donald W. Sorah
Assistant Professor of Music; Coordinator Music Division

  Center for the Arts 129  


(276) 376-4638


Ray E. Stratton Ray E. Stratton
Associate Professor in Art
Center for the Arts 124 (276) 376-1002

Jessica J. Necessary

Arts Curriculum Assistant

  Center for the Arts 128  


(276) 328-0256



Adjunct Faculty

Caroline Baker, Instructor in Art

Jim Veenstra, Instructor in Art

Marie Barry, Instructor in Art

Mistry Stratton, Instructor in Art

William Harris, Instructor in Photography

Chuck Clisso, Instructor in Photography

David Barker, Instructor in Music

Suzanna Masters, Instructor in Music

Amber BurkeInstructor in Voice

Mark CollinsInstructor in Percussion

Cynthia MuellerInstructor in Strings

Deata ReedMusic Accompanist 

Chris Rose, Instructor in Guitar

Kelly Sorah, Instructor in Trombone

Michael Twigg, Instructor in Saxophone 

Witold WolnyInstructor in Classical Guitar 

Tiffany Anderson, Costumist


D. Michael Donathan, Professor of Music

Betty J. Gilliam, Professor of Art

Charles W. Lewis, Professor of Speech and Theatre