Theater Major's Annual Performance Review

Theater majors should be aware of and observe the following suggestions/guidelines for successful progress through the major:

1.       Register each semester for the Theater Majors Seminar from 1-1:50 PM on Fridays.

2.       Maintain an open schedule on Weekday evenings— 6:00-11:00 PM—for Rehearsals & Production work.

3.       Theater majors are expected to check their college-assigned email regularly for communications purposes.  Information about auditions, productions, and the major is on the Theater Division’s Website:

4.       Theater majors are expected to participate regularly in departmental productions and assist with departmental and production work above and beyond those hours scheduled as a part of course requirements or rehearsals. 

5.       Scholarships for theater majors are awarded annually based on the following 3 criteria, with emphasis placed on ‘c.’ 

a.        Excellence in performance, design, or technical theater as a part of a college production.

b.        Strong academic performance and active participation and contributions in classes.

c.        Voluntary service to the theater program, usually in production.

6.       Additional temporary professional employment opportunities in technical theater are also available irregularly for students that demonstrate ability and commitment to technical work and consistent reliability. 

7.       Students should attempt to take required course-work chronologically from lowest catalogue numbers (1000’s) to highest catalogue numbers (4000’s).  While it does not matter which introductory class you take first or if you take more than one at a time, it is not good to wait for 2 or three years to take introductory level courses. 

8.       Make sure you understand and keep track of the course requirements for the theater major that you need and which you have earned.  No one is watching over that for you, but we are happy to help and advise you when you need it.  Not all courses are offered every semester or even every school year. 

9.       We recommend that theater majors not join fraternities or sororities due to conflicts they create with production schedules and artistic growth.  Should you choose to pledge a ‘greek’ organization, please be aware that you may not participate in a production during the semester in which you pledge.  Once you are a full member of a sorority or fraternity, you may participate in a production, but we expect that all the needs of the production will take priority over ‘greek’ interests. 

10.    Backing out of roles after accepting them or failing to meet the rehearsal standards outlined in the production contract will negatively impact your future audition/production prospects unless there are extenuating circumstances that warrant special consideration. 

There are three overarching components to your successful study of theater at UVa-Wise:  Major Coursework, Outstanding participation in departmental Productions, and Artistic self-study and exploration.  Much of those first two components are laid out for you, but self-study and exploration are largely up to each individual student to define and pursue.   Without that final component, however, you will not reach your full potential within our program and likely with your work after you have completed college.   Faculty are happy to advise you on your path toward individual self-study and exploration.    Such study and exploration entails reading above and beyond course assignments, seeing plays whenever possible, and exploiting the rehearsal and production process to learn as much as you can and  explore your own artistic development for yourself!  More information on your artistic development through self-study can be found here.