Application for Admission to the Theater Major

Thanks for your interest in applying for the major course of study in Theater Arts.  It is recommended that students apply for admission to the theater major within three years of their intended graduation.  While it is possible to complete all major requirements within a two-year period, it restricts a student's choices and opportunities with respect to the course of study and production experience and is not advised where unnecessary. 

Before you dive in, there is some information you may want to gather and thoughts you may want to write-out, so that you will be able complete and submit the form in a single sitting.  Unfortunately, the form cannot be saved and re-opened to complete.  So, please look over the list below to figure out what information you need to collect and what you may want to write in advance in order to fill the form out completely before submitting.  

  1. Your general contact information.
  2. Your Jenzibar Number (also known as your student ID number)
  3. The number of college credits you have completed.
  4. Your Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA).
  5. The Semester in which you intend to graduate
  6. Lists of Plays you've seen & Theater books you've read.
  7. Three brief essays that you may want to write in advance:

Please give some thought and consideration to your intention to major in theater at UVa-Wise.  Then, write a well-developed paragraph or two in answer to EACH of the following questions- that's one or two paragraphs for EACH of the three questions.  Try to be thoughtful and thorough as is possible in that limited length. If you type it up and spell-check in advance, you should be able to cut-and-paste it into the form field for each question.  

A.  Interest-  What is it about theater that makes you want to study it as a major?  What do you love about it or what about it intrigues and engages you?   What makes theater important to you and to society?  How is theater different than the movies? 


B.  Intentions-  What do you hope to learn and accomplish over the course of your study in the theater program at UVa-Wise and how do you intend to go about learning that?  How do you hope to change, grow and develop as a person and artist as a result of your study of theater? (Be as specific and detailed as possible).


C.  Values-  Pick a job in theatrical production that is of most interest to you (Actor, Lighting Designer, Carpenter, Stage Manager, etc.) and write a description of all the skills, qualities and responsibilities that you think make for excellence in the work of that position within a production.  Think about how the specific work itself achieves excellence, but also about how that person’s work with others affects the excellence of the entire production.