Areas of Study in the Visual Arts

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” … Albert Einstein
Drawing and Painting  
 Painting and Drawing Studio

Drawing is at the foundation of all the visual arts, encompassing both technical and observational skills. Students develop these skills both for their own merits and how they can be applied to other media. 

Painting has a long and rich history and students are encourage to explore the potentials of the various examples, techniques and media that are available to them.

Printmaking and Paper Arts  
 Paper Arts Studio

Printmaking- Offering instruction in Itaglio, Relief and Screenprinting

Papermaking - Working with various pulps, inclusions and pulp paintings

Book Arts - The creation of Artist's Books, the handmade book as an Artform

Paper Arts - This course allows students to combine the techniques learned in Printmaking, Papermaking and Book Arts

 Graphic Design  
 Graphic Design Digital Lab Our new digital lab
  We offer programs in both digital and traditional film photography. Our digital lab offers the latest in digital imaging software and we have one of the largest and best equipped darkrooms in the region.
 Ceramics Studio  
 Sculpture Studio  

Working with the Theater Division we can now offer courses dealing with the specific considerations of the sculptural form. Students explore various media both traditional and non-traditional, such as wood, metal, foam, plaster, concrete, cardboard and plastic. Working with the theater scene shop and under supervision, students have access to a full wood working shop as well as welding facilities.

 seminar gallery photo  

The Seminar Classes are reserved for the Art Majors and are designed to allow students to further develop the skills of their chosen media as well as beginning to conceptualize the content of their work. Part of the focus of these courses is to begin the process of evolution from a student mindset to that of a working artist.