Visual Arts Faculty

 Suzanne Adams-Ramsey

Suzanne Adams-Ramsey
Department Chair;
Professor of Art
Office: Gilliam 123
(276) 376-4579


Artist’s Statement –  A generalist by nature, I happily and humbly acknowledge the privilege of circumstance as an art professor which allows me great latitude in my creative work.  I have concurrent bodies of work in mixed media, sculptural ceramics and art quilting.  Over the years I have worked as a graphic designer, and a calligrapher, I have painted in oil and watercolor, taught myself basket weaving and silk resist dying and I enjoy historical quilt reconstruction.  Good painting intoxicates me and found objects speak to me.  I have massive collections of rocks and sticks, coins and wine corks, arrowheads and animal bones, post cards and Altoid tins.  I can’t talk without drawing and my sketchbook never leaves my side.  I am a sponge.  These all, are simultaneous strengths and weakness.  But it’s all great fun, and I have no idea how to function otherwise.

  Ray E. Stratton
Associate Professor in Art

Office: Gilliam 124
(276) 376-1002
 A graduate of The Glasgow School of Art. Mr. Stratton has over 15 years of teaching experience. Working primarily in the areas of Printmaking, Papermaking, Book Arts and Photography, he is currently developing a paper arts program which will allow students to combine their skills and techniques from these different media in more complex multi-disciplined pieces of artwork. 
 no image available Charles A. Clisso
Instructor in Art
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Chris Mullins
Instructor in Art

 misty stratton

Misty L. Stratton
Instructor in Art

  Jim Veenstra
Instructor in Art