The Bookstore and UVa-Wise faculty work together in making coursebooks available to students. Faculty submit course textbook selections to The Bookstore prior to the start of each semester.  Orders are placed based upon faculty requests, anticipated class size, etc.  The Bookstore purchases used books, when available, to help defray student expenses.  Used books are not available for new editions or lab manuals.

Learn more about college textbooks and UVa-Wise Bookstore textbooks below.  Please know that the Bookstore staff is ready to assist you with selection of your textbooks or to answer any questions you may have about textbooks.  Please stop in today or call us at 276-328-0210.


Fall 2014

Last day for
fall textbooks refund
August 27

Rental textbooks due back
by 5 pm on Dec. 12

Textbook Buy Backs
in SSC Atrium
Dec. 8-11 @ 9 am-5 pm
Dec. 12 @ 9 am-4 pm


Spring 2015

Textbooks on sale
Tue., January 6

Last day for
spring textbooks refund
Tue., January 20

The Bookstore schedules "used book vendors" from Nebraska Book Company (NBC) at the start and end of each semester.  The NBC vendor seeks both used books for UVa-Wise, using the list of faculty requests for the coming semester, as well as for the greater textbook industry. 

NBC considers the number of books that the Bookstore knows it will need for the coming semester in its decision-making; these books are bought back from students at a higher price that what NBC would offer if for industry-only purposes.  This benefits both the Bookstore in increasing the number of used textbooks available for resale and students by getting a greater return on their initial investment in that textbook.  Pricing for those books purchased by NBC for the greater industry is based on where the book is in its lifecycle, whether or not a new edition is soon to be available, and the current demand for the book at other campuses.

For purchasing considerations, the vendor requires that the books be your own, that the books be scheduled for use again or be used for depleted inventory, and that the books be in good condition.

Buy back dates are posted here, on the online UVa-Wise calendar and on the printed Student Activities Calendar. 

FACULTY TEXTBOOK ORDERS [ Textbook Requisition Form **for faculty use only** ]
Provided above is a link to the fillable pdf Textbook Requisition Form.  The form provides the appropriate information for ordering the required textbooks for each class. 

Please ensure that the form is returned to the Bookstore by the appropriate deadline (summer sessions - April 1; fall semester - April 1; spring semester - October 28) to assist us in providing a greater quantity of used textbooks for students and to ensure that your texts arrive and are available for the start of classes.

These links from the National Association of College Stores provide additional information regarding the textbook industry:   [ Textbook Facts ]   [ Where The Textbook Dollar Goes ]


**[Spring 2015 textbooks - updated December 17]

**[Fall 2014 textbooks - updated August 13]**
The Bookstore works with your professors to provide you the most current textbook lists for the current and/or coming semester.  Textbook pricing is based on current inventory and is subject to change without notice.  The availability of used versus new textbooks is not guaranteed. 

Please be aware that classes and/or textbooks are subject to change prior to the start of the semester.  We will update these lists to reflect those changes as they occur. 

These lists provide courses in alphabetical order, along with the designated course number.  If there is no textbook listed for a particular course, either we have not received an order from the professor or a textbook is not required.  Please contact us for more information.

Textbooks are available one (1) week prior to the start of each semester.  The availability of used versus new textbooks is not guaranteed.  Please know that it is our goal to provide you with the best assortment of used textbooks possible.  In the "Textbook Lists" section above, students may research available textbooks for both purchase and rent. 

A variety of reasons may result in textbooks not being available when ordered.  As soon as a shortage is discovered, reorders are processed.  Although an out-of-stock book is shipped special delivery, it may take as long as four weeks to arrive.

Textbooks purchased at locations other than the UVa-Wise Bookstore are not eligible for refunds or exchanges at the UVa-Wise Bookstore.  SPECIAL NOTE:  Be aware of the risks of purchasing textbooks from on-line "discounters."  Materials purchased are not always the EXACT items needed in a course.  In most cases, discounts are only available on a limited number of textbook titles.  Purchasers must also consider shipping and handling costs, delivery delays and difficult return policies when purchasing on-line.

Textbooks rentals are now available in the UVa-Wise Bookstore.  Rentals provide students with another option for their textbooks that costs less than purchasing books.  Textbook rentals are available one (1) week prior to the start of each semester at the same time textbooks are available for purchase.  In the "Textbook Lists" section above, students may research available textbooks for both rent and purchase. 

The final date for a full refund of rental fees is within one (1) week from the first day of classes.  All textbook rentals must be returned during exam week.  Any non-returned rental books will incur a $20 late fee plus replacement cost per book to be billed to the student's account.  For more information, contact the Bookstore.

TEXTBOOK RETURNS (purchased textbooks only; for rentals, see "Textbook Rentals" above)
Textbooks purchased at the UVa-Wise Bookstore may be returned for a dropped or changed course within one (1) week from the first day of classes with a receipt.

* All new textbooks must be returned in new condition.  Textbooks must NOT have any markings of any kind on either the cover or inside (underlining, highlighting, scratches, name, etc.) and binding/cover/corners must be uncracked and unbent.

* Shrink-wrapped textbooks must NOT be opened.  This is not our policy, it is the Publisher's policy.  If your textbook(s) is removed from the shrink wrap, the publisher will not accept its return.

* There are NO refunds/exchanges on: study guides, workbooks, Cliff Notes, and opened software.