CPA Exam Requirements

CPA Requirements in Virginia
The document above provides information on Virginia state requirements for becoming a CPA.

CPA Exam Eligibility
Eligibility:  (  This is the requirement to take the exam not to receive a license.  Use the link to see current requirements.
Examination candidates must have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university with a total of 120 semester hours in accounting and business subject distributed as follows:
24 semester hours in accounting including financial or intermediate accounting, management/cost accounting, taxation, and auditing  (These four courses must be upper level accounting, not introductory level courses) and
24 semester hours in business subjects, at the graduate or undergraduate level.
A valid Social Security Number.
A good moral character.
Education requirement must be met at the time of application.
Note from Professor Dana Kilgore - You need 8 classes in accounting that includes ACC 3010, 3100, 4100, and 4140.