Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Major in Accounting

Departmental Core Requirement (30 hrs): Students majoring in Accounting must complete thirty credit hours of departmental core requirement. 

Required Major-Discipline Courses (15 hrs)Students majoring in Accounting must complete fifteen hours of required major-discipline courses.

Restricted Upper-Division Electives (15 hrs): In addition to the required major-discipline courses, accounting majors must complete 15 hours of restricted electives selected from the Department's upper-division accounting course offerings.

Accounting Major Requirements Credit Hours
Required Departmental Core Requirement  30
Required Major-Discipline Courses  15
ACC 3010  Intermediate Accounting I  3
ACC 3020  Intermediate Accounting II  3
ACC 3030  Advanced Accounting  3
ACC 3100  Cost Accounting  3
ACC 4100  Auditing I  3
Restricted Upper-Division Electives 15