Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Major in Economics

Departmental Core Requirement (30 hrs): Students majoring in Economics must complete thirty credit hours of departmental core requirement. 

Required Major-Discipline Courses (6 hrs): Students majoring in Economics are required to complete six hours of required major-discipline courses.

Elective Major-Discipline Courses (9 hrs): Students majoring in Economics consult with their academic advisor to select three courses (nine hours) from the list below. 

Restricted Upper-Division Electives: In addition to required major-discipline courses and elective major-discipline courses, economics majors must complete 15 hours of restricted electives selected from the Department's upper-division economics (ECON)upper-division business administration (BUAD) or upper-division accounting (ACC) course offerings.

Students must complete at least six hours of the required major-discipline courses with a grade of "C-" or better before enrolling in the departmental capstone course.

Economics Major Requirements Credit Hours
Required Departmental Core Requirement 30
Required Major-Discipline Courses 6
ECO 3050 Intermediate Microeconomics 3
ECO 3060 Intermediate Macroeconomics 3
Elective Major-Discipline Courses (Any Three) 9
ECO 3110  Economics of the Public Sector  3
ECO 3120  International Trade and Policy 3
ECO 3140  International Business 3
ECO 3170  Environmental Economics 3
ECO 3250  Economics of Dev and Growth  3
ECO 4100  History of Economic Thought  3
ECO 4110  Public Finance 3
ECO 4160  Econometrics 3

FIN 3100

Money, Banking, and Financial Markets 3

 FIN 3820 

Theory of Finance 3
 FIN 3830  Financial Management  3
 FIN 4200  International Finance 3
Restricted Upper-Division Electives 15
 Total 60