Our present dining hall seats 178 people — adequate for the 350 students who lived on campus 10 years ago but hardly equal to present needs. With 700 students living and dining on campus today—as well as faculty, staff, and commuter students who choose to eat there — the current facility is stretched far beyond capacity. Even with expanded hours for meals, students must still eat in shifts and tolerate crowded conditions.

The campus community has patiently endured the crunch for years, but it is clear that a new dining facility must be built to handle this basic and important daily need. The proposed dining commons will become not only our “dining hall,” but a center of student life, a place to engage others in discussion, a place where students, faculty, and staff can learn from each other: a true commons.




The UVa-Wise campus residence life program has been recognized by the Commonwealth of Virginia as School of the Year for the past two years and Program of the Year for the past three. Students are drawn to our campus by the hands-on approach of our resident advisors and by the stimulating environment of the residence halls. Our new freshman residency requirement will ensure that even more students enjoy the benefits of living on campus, and their heightened involvement in the campus community will lead to increased success.

UVa-Wise residence halls have had greater than 100 percent occupancy for the past eight years. To serve our growing enrollment and continue to welcome new students into our close-knit residential community, the College plans to construct a new residence hall on the lake.