The Faculty

The College now finds itself at a crossroads. It can continue to rely on the personal commitment of faculty members to their professions, or—through the incentive of endowed chairs—it can raise the bar of excellence across the entire faculty. By honoring outstanding teaching, advising, and scholarship with recognition and reward, UVa-Wise will create a climate that encourages faculty aspiration and achievement. The impact of such a climate on students—and on the reputation of the College—cannot be overstated.

The ability to attract and recruit top-notch faculty candidates—and retain them as high-achieving, charismatic professors—hinges on the College’s ability to offer attractive and competitive positions. To strengthen its academic program and raise its national profile in teaching and scholarship, UVa-Wise seeks funding to create an endowed professorship in every department, as well as to support summer research, conference travel, and sabbatical leaves for faculty to study at distinguished universities around the globe.