Mail Services for Faculty and Staff

UVa's College at Wise

7.10     POST OFFICE

     The Campus Post Office, located in Slemp Student Center, operates daily from 8 a. m to 5 p. m.  It is closed during all recognized College holidays when the College is closed.  The post office is open for business during federal holidays when the College is open and operating, but only campus mail is distributed.

     Delivery of all business mail is provided through this service.  Faculty are not to receive personal mail through the College, and all faculty should have a private mailing address.  Faculty living on campus can receive personal UPS packages, but they must be picked-up at the post office.  UPS and Federal Express shipping is for College business only.  Shipping of personal items should be taken off campus.  The outgoing mail is picked up at various distribution centers once a day and deliveries are made to the same location once a day, usually in the early afternoon. The post office offers UPS and stamp service at the window for students.  The post office also provides an information disbursal system (campus mail), which allows faculty, staff, and students to promote College activities through the mail boxes.  Advertising for commercial purposes, chain letters, disbursement of non-College sponsored activities and political advertising are prohibited.

Questions to Campus Mail Services e-mail: