Campus Mail Policies


Intra-campus mail is limited to College business. All campus mail being sent from one department to another should be enclosed in a reusable inter-office envelope. If the mailing requires a #10 or business stationary type envelope, keep those items separated from the mail to be metered. This will also prevent delays in handling, and eliminate the possibility of campus mail being inadvertently metered and mailed out.

Distribution to Students:
To reduce sorting time, provide all mailings with the student’s full name and campus box number. Each individual’s mailing must have a “return” name/dept or student box number. If every student on campus is receiving the same information, names and box numbers are not necessary.

Distribution to Faculty/Staff:
To reduce sorting time, provide all mailings with the Faculty/Staff’s full name.

Student Organizations’ mass mailings are limited to officially SGA recognized organizations and must be approved by the Coordinator for C. Bascom Slemp Student Center.

RESTRICTIONS (not allowed)

Examples of misuse of campus mail include the attempted distribution of:
Chain letters, hate mail, mail with obscene content
Letters to gain personal profit (ex. pyramid schemes)
Political endorsements

Solicitations from off campus businesses (Ie: Parks Belk, Pizza King, etc.)


Questions to Campus Mail Services e-mail: