Mail Services for Students

Mail Services is owned solely by UVA-Wise.  While the U.S. Postal Service does not operate this service, we still must follow many of the same regulations of the U. S. Postal Service.  Our customer service window offers many services, but we do not offer check cashing, exchange of or issue money orders, nor do we accept credit cards or traveler's checks.  However, we will accept personal checks for the exact amount of the postage charge.

Mail Services offers UVA-Wise students a free temporary campus mailing address or campus post office box.  We do not automatically issue mailboxes to students.  The student must request a campus mailbox.  When a campus mailbox is issued, the student keeps that mailbox for as long as the student is (1) registered at UVA Wise and (2) the student actually uses the campus mailbox during the academic year.

NON-USEAGE:  It is the policy of Mail Services to CANCEL a student campus mailbox if within an academic year the student has not used or picked-up any mail from that campus mailbox.

PROPER ADDRESSING:  All mail must be properly addressed. A correct complete address will insure correct delivery of your mail.  All mail must be addressed as follows:

CAMPUS BOX __________
WISE VA 24293-4412

Clearly state Campus Box (and your box number).  This is a unique UVA Wise address and keeps the campus student mail separated.

PACKAGE AND COURIER SERVICES: There are no deliveries to residence halls.  All mail and packages are delivered to Mail Services.  A notification slip will be placed in the student box when mail is too large or a signature is required.

Mail Services provides most US Postal Service window services. UPS, Federal Express, etc. receiving. We also ship UPS packages for students or Federal Express if the student has a credit card.

PREPARING YOUR PACKAGE: Always have package properly addressed, secured (taped) and ready for processing before arriving at Mail Services.  Mail Services does not provide any supplies.

CAMPUS MAIL USEAGE: Mail Services provides an information disbursal system (campus mail), which allows faculty, staff, and students to promote College activities through the mail boxes. Mass mailings are limited to officially recognized organizations and must be approved by the Coordinator for C. Bascom Slemp Student Center.  Commercial ads, chain letters, non-College sponsored activities and political ads are prohibited.

FORWARDING: Mail Services forwards mail for one year after box is cancelled.   Postal Services will forward mail during the summer only.  Certain mail cannot be forwarded and is handled according to the sender's endorsement directions. Contact the sender if some expected mail is not received.   Magazines and newspapers are held in the Mail Services until the box holder returns. Federal Express and UPS cannot be forwarded and will be held until the box holder returns or returned to the sender with the corrected address if available.

Questions to Campus Mail Services e-mail: