Licensure Classes – CTE

Licensure Classes

Summer I Session: May 9-June 17, 2016
Summer II Session: June 20-July 29, 2016

Format:  All courses are completely online through Moodle
Credit:  Each course is taught at the undergraduate level
Grading: A-F grade scale
Cost: $597 per course for VA in state residents

Summer I Session (May 9-June 17)

EDU-3600-50 Human Growth and Development 3 Kimberly Austin
EDU-3810-50 Diag-Remedial Inst for Students w/Learning & Behav Disab: Elem Level 3 Stacey Sturgill
EDU-C251-50 Foundations of American Education 3 Dante Lee
EDU-C375-50 Assessment & Evaluation in Special Education 3 James Wardell
EDU-C379-50 Characteristics of the Behaviorally Disordered 3 Cynthia Bates
EDU-C451-50 Literacy, Assessment & Instruction – Language Acquisition 3 Melissa Pannell
EDU-C455-50 Transitioning Students with Disabilities 3 Stacey Sturgill

Summer II Session (June 20-July29)

EDU-3450-50 Foundations of Reading Instruction 3 Brenda Baker
EDU-3580-50 Reading and Language Arts in the Content Areas, Grades 6-12 3 Brenda Baker
EDU-3690-50 Inclusion of Exceptional Children into the Regular Classroom 3 Priscilla Brame
EDU-3820-50 Diag-Remedial Inst for Students w/Learning & Behav Disab: Sec Level 3 Stacey Sturgill
EDU-4080-50 Classroom Management & Discipline 3 David Lee
EDU-C368-50 Characteristics of Cognitive Disorders 3 Stacey Sturgill
EDU-C456-50 Collaboration, Consultation & Case Management 3 Stacey Sturgill