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Recertification Classes – CTE

Recertification Classes

Spring Session: February 2-April 29, 2016  (Registration closes January 31st)

Format:  All courses are completely online through Moodle
Credit:  Each course is taught at the undergraduate level
Grading: A-F grade scale
Cost: $375 per course for fully licensed VA teachers who live instate


Registration has closed for Spring.
Summer Registration begins March 1st!

BUS-C400-50 Online Security for Educators 3 Oscar Raile
EDU-C401-50 Infusion of Writing in the Content Areas for Educators 3 S. Hope Hart
EDU-C406-50 Teaching the SMART Way: Using SmartBoards in the Classroom 3 Martha Vermillion
EDU-C407-50 Learning Differently – Using Tech to Address Varied K-12 Learning Needs 3 Heather Askea
EDU-C415-50 Cool Tools – Using Technology Tools in the Math Classroom 3 Deandra Jones
EDU-C417-50 Principles of Online Learning 3 Heather Askea
EDU-C418-50 Read Me a Story: Literature Lessons & Strategies for PK-6 3 Kathy Stewart
EDU-C427-50 Making History Come Alive 3 Angela Turley
EDU-C428-50 The Creative Classroom: Science K-8 3 Angela Turley
EDU-C430-50 Classroom Collaboration that Works: A Co-Teaching Model 3 Gequetta Laney
EDU-C432-50 VA Teacher Technology Standards 3 Bill Dotson
EDU-C439-50 The Teaching of Reading: What Teachers Need to Know 3 Sharon Moore
EDU-C440-50 The Teaching of Reading: What Administrators Need to Know 3 Sharon Moore
EDU-C441-50 Career & Technical Education in the 21st Century 3 Deandra Jones
EDU-C444-50 Narrowing the Gap: Working w/Economically Disadvantaged Students 3 W. Fay Garrison
EDU-C445-50 Enhancing Instructional Practices in Grades 6-12 3 Danny Dixon
EDU-C446-50 Enhancing Instructional Practices PK-6 3 Selena Kiser
EDU-C448-50 Positive Discipline – Elementary Grades 3 David Lee
EDU-C449-50 School Law for Educators 3 Sandra Birchfield
EDU-C450-50 Teaching 2nd Language Learners in the 21st Century (cross-listed SPA-C450) 3 Jessica Williams
EDU-C463-50 School Improvement/Classroom Success Strategies 3 Rick Bolling
EDU-C465-50 Cross-Curricular Non-Fiction Reading Strategies 3 LeAnn Gunther
EDU-C466-50 Supporting Students with Autism 3 Cindy Bates
EDU-C469-50 Diversity in the Classroom 3 Sandra Birchfield
EDU-C474-50 Living World History 3 Kevin Johnson
EDU-C472-50 Beyond Basic Grammar 3 W. Fay Garrison
EDU-C475-50 Google Apps for Education 3 Christi Collins
EDU-C476-50 Small Group Reading Instruction: Organization and Strategies for Success 3 Melissa Pannell
EDU-C478-50 Trends in Gifted Education 3 Sarah Medukas
EDU-C479-50 Conflict Resolution Strategies for Educators 3 James Garrison
EDU-C480-50 Advanced Google Apps for Educators 3 Christi Collins
MTH-C406-50 Thinking Algebraically 3 Ann-Delyse Hopkins
MTH-C409-50 Balanced Mathematics – A Problem-Based Approach 3 Tara Smith
SPA-C450-50 Teaching Second Language in the 21st Century (Cross-ref w/EDU C450) 3 Jessica Williams