EDUCATION 3590: Teaching Writing

EDU 3590 Course Description

Prerequisite: Upper division status

Provides an overview of current writing theory and practices in multicultural, public educational settings. Course themes include: culture (including issues in ESL and nonstandard dialects), literacy, writing pedagogy (process, expressive, narrative, collaborative, student-sponsored), conferencing, assessment, and technology. Students will develop demonstrations of teaching practices, as well as a portfolio that will include teaching philosophy, a dialogic learning log, a strategy for assessment, and a fi nal paper addressing one of the class themes. Students will work with Appalachian Writing Project teacher consultants, who will model cutting-edge practices in teaching writing K-12. This course is cross-referenced because it is appropriate both to students who plan to become K-12 teachers, and English students who plan to attend graduate school and may be teaching composition.
This course requires 20 hours of field experience/observation in a 6-12 school setting.
(Dual listing with ENGL 343.)

EDU 3590 Course Syllabus - Coming Soon