EDUCATION 3820: Diagnostic-Remedial Instruction for Students with Learning and Behavioral Disabilites Secondary Level

EDU 3820 Course Description

Prerequisites: EDU 2510, EDU 3690

This course is designed to provide special education teacher candidates an extensive study of the components of effective transition education curriculum and service models, service guidelines, parents’ involvement, transition assessment, job placement, training and supervision, transition to adult life, instructional strategies, and community resources. Candidates will study the scope and sequence of the secondary curriculum and will also learn to develop an individualized transitional curriculum relevant to vocational training, life skills and functional skills domain. The course emphasizes techniques for fostering motivation to acquire basic academic and social/personal skills as well as meeting the long term goals of transition education in the special education program. Secondly, this course will provide training to students on special education collaboration and consultation procedures. Fundamentals of collaboration, applications of collaboration (i.e., consultation, and team work, co-teaching, staff development, interpersonal problem solving, pragmatic issues of collaboration, techniques in interpersonal communication, etc.) and issues in collaboration are also studied.


EDU 3820 Course Syllabus - Coming Soon