EDUCATION 4100: Diagnosis and Correction of Reading Problems

EDU 4100 Course Description

Prerequisites: EDU 3450, Admission to the Teacher Education Program
Instruction in this course focuses on the techniques, methods, and materials that can be used in
effectively diagnosing reading diffi culties/defi ciencies and strengths in children in the PreK-6
setting. Course content will include a study of both formal and informal assessment measures
with emphasis placed on the procedures for administering and interpreting an Informal Reading
Inventory (IRI) and how to use results from this inventory to prescribe and then deliver reading
instruction to a PreK-6 child. As part of the service learning component for the course, students
will be required to serve as a tutor for a K-6 grade child enrolled in the College’s Reading Clinic.
A formal case study must be completed by students based upon this clinical experience.


EDU 4100 Course Syllabus