Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

 Sim Ewing, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration



The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration provides administrative and business services and contacts with state government necessary to support the academic and student life programs.


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Budget Office

The goal of the Budget Office is to provide leadership and guidance regarding budget planning, implementation and monitoring to all College departments in compliance with the budgeting policies and procedures of the Commonwealth of Virginia, The University of Virginia and UVa-Wise.

Financial Administration

The Office of the Comptroller provides financial and administrative leadership and services of the highest quality to faculty, staff and students.

  • To collect monies owed to the College
  • To record and report the movement of monies through the College’s accounts
  • Conduct financial studies and analysis and prepare executive and departmental management information
  • Developing and implementing the College’s annual operating budget and biennial budget
  • Ensure compliance with Federal, State and University fiduciary rules and regulations
  • Track material College assets

College Services

The Office of College Services supports the purpose and goals of the College – its educational and public service missions – by providing responsive and responsible service in the areas of Procurement Services, Accounts Payable, Surplus Property, Fleet Management, Mail Services, Bookstore, Dining Services and Printing Services.

We achieve the mission by our dedication to excellence in customer service, obtaining maximum value for each dollar of expenditure, and fostering a fair, ethical and legal environment.

Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources promotes a work environment in human values and respect for relationships, where cultural diversity is welcomed and each person’s worth and dignity are valued and nurtured.

Human Resources provide a wide-range of organization, employee, and community services. Some of these services include recruitment and hiring assistance, employee benefits assistance, provision of employee recognition programs, job and organizational design assistance, administration of employee compensation programs, employee records tracking and maintenance, provision of employee training programs, career development assistance and provision of an effective employee relations program and affirmative action/equal opportunity programs.

The values and beliefs of Human Resources may be described as:

  • Building effective partnerships and relationships with our customers
  • Finding innovative solutions to challenging issues and creating new programs and services that better serve our customers
  • Showing respect for all
  • Demonstrating integrity in all that we do
  • Building trust in one another

Office of Economic Development

The Southwest Virginia Technology Development Center will encourage and facilitate lifelong learning in the citizens of Southwest Virginia and the surrounding region by building upon strong liberal arts educational foundations and improving the quality of life through higher education and professional development.

Campus Police 

The mission of The University of Virginia's College at Wise Police Department is to serve and protect the campus community and to enhance the quality of life on campus.  This is achieved in conjunction with the campus community through the enforcement of laws, crime prevention activities, education and community awareness, and maintenance of accreditation.  The foundation of our Department is community serivce.  All people within our jurisdiction are served with respect and fairness.