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Cross Country

Cross Country provides great value to the student-athletes on the team. Cross country runners are excellent students, hard-working, and disciplined. Through long hours of running on their own they develop self-discipline and independence. While racing with other runners undergoing the same training regimen produces a climate of mutual respect. As they grow in the sport they develop a love for an activity they can engage in their whole lives. The sport also influences other students in that they learn running is an activity within the reach of ordinary-sized people and requiring minimal equipment. Also success in the sport against other colleges promotes school pride. Our competing against other colleges raises our visibility outside the area, while providing a collegiate sport in which students can aspire to participate.

“Although cross country is not a big spectator sport, success by outstanding student-athletes creates a tremendous positive image for UVa-Wise academically and athletically. Therefore, your support will promote excellence in the classroom and in competition and is doubly valuable and deeply appreciated.”

Coach Donald Leech

Contributions have an important impact on our Cross Country team by providing:

  • scholarships will help these extraordinary young people succeed. Competitive scholarships will help us recruit the highest caliber student athletes to represent UVa-Wise
  • providing appropriate equipment (such as a canopy and tarp for a pre-race and post-race team support area)
  • facilities that will help the team compete at its best . Contributions will help with creating and maintaining a home race course that will raise the visibility of UVa-Wise. There are several naming opportunities along the course.
  • good quality uniforms and team clothing
  • travel costs (food, lodging, transportation)

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Gifts may be made to the Cross Country team by:

  • making a check payable to UVa-Wise Foundation, indicate that it is for Cross Country, and mail to UVa-Wise Foundation, 1 College Avenue, Wise, VA 24293.
  • Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express
  • electronic funds transfer (Bank Draft)
  • online by following the link below - this will take you to our online giving page which is part of the University's website. Under "Designation" click by “I would like to choose a specific department, area or sport” and then select the team(s) you would like to support. Continue to complete the info that is requested. It will take just a couple of minutes.


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