IFC Recruitment Registration Form

All male students interested in a UVa-Wise fraternity must complete this IFC Recruitment Registration Form in order to be eligible to participate in one of two annual recruitment periods -- one each at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. Should you have any questions about this form, or the recruitment process in general, please contact Mikaela Logan at 276-376-3430 or mra4p@uvawise.edu.
If you have a UVa-Wise Campus Mailbox, please list that address here; otherwise, list your local mailing address.
Please list the most convenient number at which to reach you (cell, local or residence hall phone number).
Please list only your UVa-Wise email. This is the only email that will be used for Office of Greek Life communications.
**Complete this section only if you answered 'yes' above.** Please list both your residence hall and room number here.
Please list any campus and/or community involvements.
Please list the name, relation, chapter, institution and year attended for any and all relatives affiliated with a fraternity. If none, list "none".
By submitting this form, I understand that registering for recruitment does not insure a fraternity bid and that, except for illness, class or emergency, I must participate in all aspects of mandatory events during recruitment. I give permission to the Office of Greek Life (OGL) to verify my grade point average (GPA), and that I have the necessary 2.25 cumulative GPA for returning and upperclass transfer students (2.5 High School Academic GPA for first-time freshmen). I also understand that I give permission for my academic eligibility to receive a bid to be discussed with chapter officers and national headquarters and that upon initiation into a fraternity, that my semester and cumulative GPA will be reported to the chapter, advisors, the national organization, and other stakeholders, until such time that I am no longer matriculated at UVa-Wise. The OGL does not discriminate based on cultural, religious, sexual orientation, or gender identity differences among students.