Gamma Sigma Alpha

Gamma Sigma Alpha National Honor Society
The Gamma Sigma Alpha National Greek Academic Honor Society was founded to promote intellectual interaction between Greek students and the academic community.
The purpose of the Society is to promote the advancement of education among Greeks; to instill a greater spirit of cooperation among Greek students and organizations and to encourage excellence in scholarship.

A group of scholastic achievers at the University of Southern California, representing various Greek fraternities and sororities, joined together to create an organization dedicated to the advancement of higher education and academic accomplishment. The Alpha Chapter of Gamma Sigma Alpha was founded on November 9, 1989, as a result of this student effort. The national board was established the following year to promote the Society's ideals on campuses across the country. The Society quickly grew to over 150 chapters in its first eleven years.

The Eta Pi Chapter at The University of Virginia's College at Wise was founded on February 23, 2007.
  • TBA, Director
  • TBA, Asst. Director for Finance & Administration
  • TBA, Asst. Director for Programming
  • Julie Scott, Advisor
Eta Class (Spring 2012) - Riana Bisco, Brieanna Bivens, Victoria Blanford, Morgan Bobinski, Taylor Bobinski, Erica Boggs, Emily Brock, Katelyn Cantrell, Tiffany Carter, Todd Galyean, Robert Giles, Shaqueta Green, Jason Looney, Lance Mutter, Evan Nunery, Rachel Person, Lauren Powers, Maegan Smith, Laura Stamper, Kevin Whitmer, & Katelyn Wilmer
Zeta Class (Spring 2011) - Kristin Bentley, Rachel Bentley, David Carty, Mark Collins, Robert M. Davis, Anthony S. Dillon, Martha Leonard, Brandon Marshall, Christian Meade, Jacob Mitchell, Kelly Odom, Abigail Thomas, & James Tiffany
Epsilon Class (Spring 2010) - Stephanie Adkins, Clay Guynn, James Harris, Pance Kecev, Megan McCoy, Kendra Miller, Chizomam Ononiwu, Daniel Sanders, Lauren Snead, Lloyd Tomlinson, & Aaron Wolfe
Delta Class (Fall 2009) - Barklie Estes, Alex Hounshell, & Benjamin Harding
Gamma Class (Spring 2009) - Jakob Adams, Emily Atkins, Zhanna Bates, Ashley Brookman, Lisa Dunlap, Kasi Hubbard, Heather McIlvaine, Brittany Osborne, Jacob Ritchie, Sarah Smith, Adria Sprouse, Suzanne Stickel, Joshua Vaughan, Holly Weisiger, & Amber Whisman
Beta Class (Spring 2008) - Natasha Bambarger, Ashley Bruner, Courtney Cole, Ashley Davenport, Shawn Fischer, Eleanor Winter Harmon, Susan Haskins, Heather Hawthorne, Sarah Lowe, Robin Milton, Amanda Mullis, Jeffrey Sutton Polly, Joseph Matthew Ramey, Brad Schassberger, Nancy Stickel, Reuben Swindall, Austin Taylor,& Justin Wilson
Alpha Class (Spring 2007) - Terri Anne Hill, Peter Henning Kuich, Luke Layne, Ashley Reader, Stephanie Ring, Erica VanStee, & C J Whitt
Founding Class (Spring 2007) - Ana Barrenechea, Joseph Calloway Jr., Chris Davis, Lauren Fletcher, Sarah Hamilton, Mary Jane Haynes, Jeff Howard, Kari Hubbard, Andrea Jones, Joshua Justice, Kimberly Kilgore, Deidra Lawson, Jason Lewkowicz, Stephen Orange, Megan Sanders, Julie Scott, & Everett Shepard
For more information about Gamma Sigma Alpha, please contact Julie Scott at 276-376-1000.