Fall Field Trip

On Saturday, November 19, Dr. McKnight took his Civil War and Reconstruction class and War and Memory class on a field trip to the site of the Battle of Wyerman's Mill, Cumberland Gap National Park, the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum, and the Wildcat Mountain Battlefield.  Here are the photos...


Left to right...Derek Beavers, Christie Smith, Sarah Mullins, Nick Quillen, Dr. McKnight, Lloyd Tomlinson, Caleb Greene, Brad Hornbeck.


Why fight here in the middle of nowhere?  Easy...to protect the road.  At that time, this was the main thoroughfare between Kentucky and Virginia...the original Wilderness Road...cut by Boone, traveled by Abraham Lincoln's pregnant mother, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, Ulysses Grant, and any number of other famous Americans.


These are the original trenches on Round Hill.  They were dug on October 22, 1861...the day after the battle.  Brad and Dr. McKnight were wounded by falling Hickory nuts on the march in.


Two-thirds of the way up the standing log, you see a white circle on the right.  The carving that you can see over the dot is  the number three.  The full carving reads "3 Secesh buried here 10-22-61."  The day after the battle, Union soldiers dug a hole and buried three of the dead Confederates in it.  They're still there, just below the sign.


This photo has special meaning to Sarah Mullins.


The view from Cumberland Gap's Pinnacle Overlook.


Soldiers always liked to leave their mark.  H. Barnhart may have served at the Gap with the regiment identified by the 44 over his name.