Six Present at Lynchburg College

On Saturday, March 31, six UVa-Wise History students presented their research at Phi Alpha Theta's Virginia regional conference.  With twelve colleges represented and sixty papers given, the UVa-Wise students competed admirably against the best of their peers in the state.  Those traveling to Lynchburg were Amondre Johnson, Caleb Greene, Murphy Mullins, Karl DeLuca, Jessilynn Strauss, and Lloyd Tomlinson.  Although Wycliffe Farquarson was unable to travel to Lynchburg, Jessilynn Strauss read her paper at the conference.  Next year's conference will be held at Christopher Newport University in Newport News.

During the conference, it was announced that UVa-Wise will host one of the forthcoming statewide meeting, likely in 2015 or 2016.


Top to bottom:  Karl DeLuca, Lloyd Tomlinson, Amondre Johnson, Murphy Mullins