Faculty Profile: Donald Leech

Donald Leech

Associate Professor of History


E-mail: dl4fh@uvawise.edu
Phone: (276) 376-4580
Office: Zehmer 217



  • Ph.D. – University of Minnesota, 2007.
  • M.A. – California State University, Long Beach, 2002.
  • B.A. – Madonna University, 1992.


Courses Taught:

  • Medieval Europe
  • Early Modern Europe
  • History of England
  • Byzantium & Islam: Medieval Mediterranean
  • Expansion of Europe
  • The Twelfth Century Renaissance (special topic)

Research Interests:

  • Dr. Leech is an urban historian of late medieval England.  His research and writing on the subject include: the urban economy, town-country networks, and local identities. The large provincial city of Coventry is used as the focus for these studies.

Professional Interests:

  • Member of the Medieval Academy of America and the American Historical Association.

Selected Publications:

  • Leech, D. "'By the evidence of this city':  Enclosing Land and Memory in Fifteenth Century Coventry." Medieval History Journal (April 2012).
  • Leech, D. "Stability and Change at the End of the Middle Ages: Coventry 1450-1525." Midland History (Spring 2009).