Pledge Card Info


 Pledge Card


Listed below are specific instructions on how to fill out your CVC pledge card. If you have any questions, please email Human Resources.


1. Agency, Code, SSN, Employee Name
Please remember to fill in the agency name which is UVa-Wise. Also fill in our agency code. Our code is 246. Employees should fill in name along with your employee number ONLY if direct deposit is chosen. DO NOT USE SSN.

2. If you select payroll deduction, choose the time period that matches your pay schedule.
(2a) Write in the amount that you wish deducted each pay period.
(2b) Write in the total that you want deducted for the year under Annual Gift. Your pledge will be divided equally among your paychecks starting in January and continuing through December, if you submit your pledge card by December 1.

3. Choose Cash, Check, or Credit Card.
Write in the total amount of cash or check. If you are using a credit card, circle the card used, write in your credit card number and the expiration date, and the amount you wish to donate.

4. Designate your favorite charity or charities.
Check the appropriate box to indicate whether or not you wish to designate your gift to a specific charity. Choose up to four charities on this form. Write in the specific code number, the annual amount you wish to donate to that charity, and the name of the charity. Refer to your CVC directory to identify code number. If you wish to learn more about the charity, you can access the state's CVC homepage.

5. Authorize your contribution.
Sign and date your pledge card. This is mandatory for payroll deductions and credit cards.

6. Acknowledge your contribution.
If you wish to receive an acknowledgement from the charity or charities to which you designated money, check "YES" and provide your complete mailing address. Please request an acknowledgement, as charities that receive donations want to know the names of their donors. Otherwise check "NO."

7. Return the pledge card to the campaign volunteer in your area.
Return the pledge card to your Campaign Associate in the Human Resources Department or volunteer in your area. 

8. Keep the pink bottom copy of the pledge card for your records.
Keep the pink (bottom) copy of the pledge card for your records.