Ecuador 2011

Evolution and Adventure in Ecuador
Summer Study Abroad

Travel learn and have fun

Take a 3 credit course
May 27-June 10


Ecuador is located in South America over the equatorial line. The Andes crosses from North to South and the Amazon basin stretches along the eastern part of the country. The combinations of beautiful beaches with the highest Andean peaks, with the tropical forests, and with the unique Galapagos Islands make Ecuador one of the most biological diverse countries in the world.

Quito, Ecuador´s capital, was the first city to be declared a World Treasure by The United Nations. It is adorned with numerous Baroque and Mannerist churches and squares and surrounded by various volcanoes, which render dramatic visual contrast with the colonial city.


This program offers students a first hand approach to Charles Darwin’s theory by visiting the Galapagos Islands. They will enjoy a total Spanish immersion trip through the diversity of Ecuador’s people and environment.



This three-credit program offers the following:


Different levels of Spanish lessons from basic, intermediate, and advanced Spanish.



A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students and faculty to under-stand Charles Darwin’s evolution theory while in the Galapagos’ unique environment.



The occasion to travel with native professors through diverse and historical treasures of one of the most fascinating countries in Latin America.






Dr. Rut Roman is originally from Ecuador, she is an Assistant Professor at the Language and Literature Department. She has taught in Ecuador and in the United States. Prof. Roman’s re-search focuses in the area of Latin American Literature. She also is interested in Women’s studies and the representations of the female body and sexuality. She also follows the inscription of oral traditions in Latin American Literature.

Office: Zehmer 135

Ext. 4561


Dr. Robin Cook Hill is an Assistant Professor of Developmental Biology in the Natural Science Department. She teaches courses in introductory biology, cell biology, molecular genetics and comparative em-bryology. She has also taught a Peake Honors course on Charles Darwin and is a dedicated “Darwinophile”. Her research interests are in the field of evolutionary developmental biology with a focus on understanding the changes at the molecular (genetic) level that impact the evolution of body plan and reproductive strategies.

ext. 4691



At a Glance…  

Evolution and adventure in Ecuador  

Total Program fee $3,381  

Faculty and Staff: $2,891  



May 27– June 10, 2011


Tuition and Fees:  

$ 3,739 In-state students  

$ 3,897 Out-of-state students  


Application deadline:  

January 28th application

First payment Jan 28th $1,000

Second payment Feb 28 $1,150

Third payment March 15 $1,231


Program fee $ 3,381includes:


Roundtrip airfare


Room and Breakfast in Quito, Andean highlands, Galapagos islands and Amazonian rainforest.


Entrances to Museums, Monuments and Academic Excursions. Ground Transportation.


Language and Culture Lessons.


Biology and Evolution in Ecuador.


Workshop on Ecuadorian Medicinal Herbs.


Academic fee for 3 credits SPAN and 3 credits for BIOL. ($158 additional tuition for out of State students)


Financial Aid is available.