Ireland 2013



2013 Study Abroad Trip To Ireland




 May 21st – June 1st, 2013

 Eng 3140 - Irish Literature, History, & Music


 °°°IMPORTANT! PLEASE NOTE: Due to increased tourism to Ireland, **Applications Due (NOW) November 30th, 2012—there are a limited number of seats.  
 Final Deadline for Application: December 14, 2012.




"Come Explore the Emerald Isle!" 

Fascinating travel in Dublin and the Wild West of Ireland!



This English Literature course, entitled "Ireland: Literature, History, Music," will yield a vast and diverse Irish cultural experience through an online curriculum and on-site exploration.

Students will receive Eng 3140 - 1 credit hour.

Before departing for Ireland, participants will be acquainted with Irish literature, Irish history, and Irish ballads. 


Tuition and Fees:

$2,810 - In-state Students

 $2,945- Out-of-state students

$2,550 - Faculty/Staff/Alumni/Community members


*Price does NOT include lunch & supper. Estimate $50 a day for food.

**$50 must be paid in cash to the director for Travel Insurance (Not in price).


   Price will include cost of airfare, lodging, ground transportation, site admissions, breakfasts, student travel insurance ($50.00 must be paid in cash to the director), and local guide services to the following excursions:


A priceless experience of immersion in the traditions of a foreign culture and language with guided tours by UVA-Wise faculty and local experts!!!!


Director: Cyndi Newlon, Instructor in English UVa-Wise

E-mail: C. Newlon at, Phone: (276) 376-4551

Office: Zehmer Hall 144a

For more info and to apply:

International Programs Office
Darden Hall 105
Phone: (276) 328 -0287



You can download your application here.


Applications will be received on a first come, first serve basis until completion of a group of 16 students.