Lucia Riedel, Fall 2012, International Student from Dortmund, Germany

·         What made you decide to study abroad?

·         I am an English major and had to spend at least five weeks abroad in an English speaking country. I decided to spend a whole semester in the USA to learn more about the culture and improve my language skills. 


·         Was studying abroad affordable?

·         I got a scholarship from my university so that they paid the fees for me. Nevertheless, I had to pay for housing and meal plan. All in all, it was still a lot I had to spend but I saved a lot of money for it beforehand. Moreover, I got some financial aid for studying abroad and I must say this experience was totally worth it!


·         Why did you choose to come to the US, specifically this university?

·         I chose to come to the US to find out more about this country everybody knows from movies and the news. I wanted to get to know the people that are living there and their culture. I must say that I actually did not choose this university but I was assigned to it. After my semester at this school I have to say that I am really glad to have been there because the size of the school, as a complete opposite of my school at home, made it a perfect experience for me. The relationship between teachers and students is a lot more personal than in bigger schools, it is also easier to find new friends and get to know their culture. Moreover, it is situated in a really nice area fewest people from other countries know.  


·         Was it hard adjusting to your surroundings? If so, how did you adjust?

·         For me personally, it was a bit hard to adjust to the area because at my school at home I am used to being in a busy surrounding, in a big city. After meeting a few new people, which was really soon, I got easier for me. In addition, because of the events on campus, I never got bored.


·         How was the reception, hospitality that was given, etc? Where you treated differently than others? If so, why.

·         Since it is a really small school, most of my teachers knew that I am an international student pretty soon. Everyone, also the students, were really nice and helpful in academic as well as private issues. They for example helped us with questions about academic procedures or offered us a ride to Wal-Mart.


·         What will you miss about your trip abroad and why?

·         I will miss all my new friends and the school, the campus life. I am going to miss to reach everything, every building and my friends' place, within a few minutes walk.


·         Lastly, what would you like to say to students who are considering studying abroad?

·         I am really glad that I have decided to study abroad and even though I spend quiet a lot of money I totally would do it again and never want to miss all the experiences I made and the people I met. Everyone should make this experience and it definitely helps improving the language.