Moodle - Student FAQ

1.  How do I access my courses on Moodle?

     Go to

2.  What if I can't log into Moodle?

     Moodle uses the same authentication as campus email and student portal.  If you are able to log into either of these accounts and not into Moodle, contact the IT Helpdesk at 276-376-4509 or email

3.  What web browser should I use to access Moodle?

     Even though you may access Moodle via any browser, it is recommended that you choose a browser that supports Moodle's integrated HTML editor.  Internet Explorer or Firefox on a Windows operating system, and Firefox on a Mac system.

4.  What kind of media files are supported by Moodle?

     The following media files can be viewed within Moodle.

        Graphics:  GIF and JPEG

        Video:  .swf, .mov, .wmv, .mpg, .avi, .flv, .ram, .rpm, .rm

        Audio:  .mp3, .aac, .wma, .ra

     Students will need the appropriate software and plug-ins to view the media files.