Office of Information Technology Staff

Listed below is contact information for all primary Information Technology staff members. Please remember to direct requests for Technical Assistance directly to the OIT Helpdesk.

Scott Bevins, Ph.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor of Information Services
Smiddy IT Center 279
Phone: (276) 376-4578 E-Mail:

Holly P. Meade
Administrative Assistant
Smiddy IT Center Main Office 273
Phone: (276) 376-4578 E-Mail:

Laura D. Pritchard
Director of Technology Support Services
Smiddy IT Center 277
Phone: (276) 328-0195 E-Mail:

Slade Potter
Technology Support Manager
Darden Hall 110
Phone: (276) 376-4509 E-Mail:

Tim Hall
IT Support Technician
Darden Hall 110
Phone: (276) 376-4509 E-Mail:

Chris Mullins
IT Support Technician
Darden Hall 110
Phone:  (276) 376-4509     E-Mail:

Matthew Stanley
Director of Administrative Systems
Smiddy IT Center 283
Phone: (276) 376-4540 E-Mail:

Grant D. Baker
Senior Systems & Security Adminstrator
Smiddy IT Center 174
Phone: (276) 376-4640 E-Mail: gdb6g [at]

Joseph W. Meade
Systems Administrator & Web Systems Specialist
Smiddy IT Center 175
Phone: (276) 376-1075 E-Mail: jwm6a [at]

Kristi McKinney 
Web Specialist
Smiddy IT Center 276
Phone: (276) 376-4659 E-Mail:

Oscar W. Raile
Director for Policy & Planning
Smiddy IT Center 278
Phone: (276) 376-1044 E-Mail:

Susan L. Herron

Security & Policy Coordinator, VoIP & POTS Phone Admin., NetBadge

Smiddy IT Center 281
Phone: (276) 376-4641 E-Mail:

Christopher H. Boggs

Network Systems Engineer Sr.
Smiddy IT Center 176
Phone: (276) 376-1041 E-Mail:

Don L. Calton

Network Systems Analyst
Smiddy IT Center 177
Phone: (276) 376-1047 E-Mail:

Rosa Bott
Media Services Coordinator
Zehmer Hall 108
Phone: (276) 328-0312  E-Mail:



In addition to full time staff, OIT also utilizes a workforce of competent student workers to fulfill many requests and daily operations.