Gaming Console Registration

The wireless network for gaming is called "CavsNet-NSIDev" … the acronym stands for "Non-Standard Internet Device". This wireless network is not broadcast, so you will not see it in the list of available wireless networks. You will need to add it manually (or womanually) as WPA2-TKIP. A security key is required.

All gaming consoles must be registered in the IT department.

These instructions are for gaming consoles only (not for PC based gaming):

Bring your CAVS card and completed, except signature which must take place in Ms. Herron’s presence, Agreement  (or if you don't have access to a computer with a compatible version of Word or a printer, you can bring your gaming console's MAC address and CAVS card) to register your console with Susan Herron, 281 Smiddy Hall.


Once the console is registered and the information is added to the Network you will need to:

  1. Reset your device to the “Factory Default Settings”
  2. Reboot your console (turn off and back on)
  3. Allow the console to complete its power up.
  4. Turn the console back off
  5. Turn the console back on.
  6. Manually add the console to “CavsNet-NSIDev” (this is a hidden network and cannot be found with a scan)
  7. Set the security settings to “WPA2-TKIP”
  8. Input the Security key that you received from Ms. Herron (40 characters exactly as shown)
  9. Your console should then connect with the network (if you followed all the steps)

 If you missed the link above... the Agreement is in the attached file below.





Gaming and Non-Standard Internet Device Agreement with fillable blanks.docx37.76 KB