VoIP Telephone Services @ UVa-Wise

The new ShoreTel phone system at UVa-Wise is a Voice Over Internet Protocol (or VoIP) system available in faculty and staff offices. Student will continue to use the standard analog telephones until the next phase of the project.

Your new VoIP phone set is more like a small computer that allows you to talk through it over the campus network and beyond!  This phone now connects through your computer’s campus network connection and has many new and helpful features that will aid you in your daily communications needs. 

A brief guide will be posted soon to get you started using the basic functions of your phone.  Additional training will be available online at www.uvawise.edu/oit/voip and in announced training sessions each semester.  Please scroll to the bottom of this page to download the current campus telephone directory as well as a number of other helpful resource materials.


You may email phone@uvawise.edu or call PHONE (7-4663) for VoIP telephone support during normal business hours Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm EST.  If you have a problem with an analog fax line or other analog phone, please call Susan Herron at x7-4641.

(statements delivered electronically monthly)

Domestic Long Distance
.5¢ per minute
International Long Distance
.25¢ per minute
Incoming 800 calls
.15¢ per minute
Flat charge per standard DID (outside access numbers)
$15 per month
Charge for internal-only extension (77 numbers)
no charge
Charge for an additional ShoreTel 230G VoIP phone (subject to change)
$210.00 per unit
Charge for a ShoreTel 560G VoIP phone (subject to change) $250.00 per unit

Please note that departments WILL NOT receive a paper statement.  Long distance phone bills are reviewed monthly by the owner of the phone line, and approved by their supervisor, to identify and resolve erroneous long distance charges as stipulated in University Policy IRM-005.  Department heads/chairs please make sure to print this statement out and include with your budget reporting records.  For more on this University Policy, please visit https://policy.itc.virginia.edu/policy/policydisplay?id=IRM-005 online.

For detail information on departmental statements, please click here to download a PDF statement guide.


Individuals responsible for reconciliation are required to have a summary statement of phone charges that are related to their budget. If long distance charges exceed $10.00 for an individual line, the person responsible for each line and supervisor must sign and date that these charges have been reviewed. This must be placed with reconciliation documentation.

It is the responsibility of the department to ensure that a copy of the department head summary report as well as any individual long distance statement that exceeds $10.00 is included with your budget’s support documentation.  (dated 7/27/2011)



ShoreTel recommends the Plantronic CS50 900MHz Wireless Headset for use with their 230g VoIP phones.  More information on this headset can be found at http://www.cdwg.com/shop/products/Plantronics-CS-50-headset/534215.aspx .


Learn to use your ShoreTel phone with these online video tutorials:

·         ShoreTel video hosted by YouTube

o   Video tutorial Part 1 of 2

o   Video tutorial Part 2 of 2


Please click on the attachments below for support and training

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