Degree Programs

Application Process

Those who wish to earn the Bachelor of Arts degree in English must complete the following procedure:

Contact the department chair to arrange an interview with the department. Before the scheduled interview, the student shall submit a writing sample to the chair. The sample may be either an original essay or an essay developed in class. Following the interview, the student will be advised in writing of the department's decision on the application to major in English or Communication. Upon acceptance, the student will be assigned an advisor to assist in developing a schedule of courses to complete the major.

Following acceptance as a candidate for the Bachelor of Arts in Literature or Communication, the student must complete a declaration of major. Should the student wish to pursue a minor in Literature or Communication, the student should complete a declaration of minor as soon as possible. This procedure generally takes place by the first semester of the student's junior year to ensure that the student has completed the General Education Requirements, and to provide time to complete the major requirements in a reasonable fashion. The department will, from time to time, review the progress of the student. The student's advisor shall inform the student about the conclusions of the departmental review.

English Placement

Because effective writing is directly connected to successful completion of a college degree, freshmen entering the College must register for the Freshman English course appropriate to their writing abilities. Placement in Freshman English courses is determined by the following criteria:

the English placement examination;
the student's SAT or ACT scores;
the student's score on the Advanced Placement Program.

Entering freshmen may be required to take the College English Placement Examination. Upon completion of reading the examination and reviewing the student's scores, the department will then place the student according to the following norms:

English 099: a course of study geared to remedy deficiencies indicated by the written sample and/or where the student's SAT score is less than 330 Verbal (16 ACT). Students placed in English 099 must successfully complete the course before they may register for English 101. Unless exempted by the Associate Provost for Educational Support Services, the student may repeat English 099 once. The student may gain credit for the course by examination (see pages 73-74 of the College Catalog).

English 101-102: These are the standard English freshman writing courses. Placement in English 101 is by way of submitting an acceptable writing sample in the English Placement Examination with the attendant SAT scores of 400 verbal and an appropriate high school record. The student must complete English 101-102 in semester sequence.

English 103H: To provide the exceptionally well-prepared student the opportunity of writing at the advanced level, the department offers English 103 Honors. Placement in English 103H shall be on the basis of an outstanding writing sample on the English Placement Examination and SAT verbal scores of 500 or above. Students who score 3 or 4 on the Advanced Placement Examination may also be placed in English 103H. Successful completion of English 103H shall satisfy the general education requirement and the student will be awarded 6 hours of credit towards graduation. Students who score a 5 on the Advanced Placement Examination may be exempted from both English 101-102; such students will also be awarded 6 hours of credit in English toward graduation.

Because the department concludes that successful completion of Freshman English is fundamental to any advanced study in English, it requires that the student shall have successfully completed this requirement before any student may register for any advanced English course, 200 or above. Should a student attempt an advanced course before completion of the freshman requirement, the student will not receive credit for the upper level English course. (Where appropriate, the Freshman English requirement includes both English 103H or exemption by Advanced Placement scores.)

Foreign Language Placement

Advanced placement in foreign language also will be granted on the basis of scores on the Advanced Placement Examination, departmental examinations, and the student's level of secondary school work in foreign language.

All students who have had previous experience with a foreign language should take the departmentally sponsored placement tests in order to obtain as much credit as possible for their previous language experiences.
French, German, Latin and Spanish 101-102: These are the standard foreign language courses that may be used to satisfy the general education requirement in language. Placement in 101 of a foreign language course is automatic for students who have not taken the placement test and who have no or little preparation in foreign language. Placement in 102 of a foreign language course may be obtained by departmental placement examination.

(A student with three or more years of high school language with a "B" average or better may not take the 101 courses of a foreign language without departmental approval. Students with this background should enroll in the 103H or 102 course in the language of their preparation.)

French and Spanish 103H: To provide the exceptionally well-prepared student the opportunity to work at an advanced level, the department offers French and Spanish 103H. Students who have a combined SAT score of 870 and a ``C-'' average in their high school French or Spanish classes, and completed three or more years of the high school language may be placed in French and Spanish 103H without their taking a placement test. Successful completion of French and Spanish 103H with a grade of ``C-'' shall satisfy the general education requirement and the student will be awarded 6 hours of credit towards graduation.