Degree Programs: Foreign Studies

Foreign Studies Major

(with concentration in French, German, or Spanish)
The Courses taken for the Foreign Studies major must be selected from one language, either French, German, or Spanish. Requirements for the major are:
Semester Hours

FREN 201-202 Intermediate French, or 6
GERM 201-202 Intermediate German, or,
SPAN 201-202 Intermediate Spanish

300-400 level course work in French, or 24
300-400 level course work in German, or
300-400 level course work in Spanish

(Students must complete at least three semester hours in each of the following: civilization, grammar,/linguistics, and literature.)

Second Discipline: Courses must be pre-approved by foreign language faculty: 15 semester hours TOTAL: 45 semester hours

Minor Requirements

A minor includes at least 18 semester hours, 12 of which must be in courses at the 300-level or above. Courses must be selected in consultation with the department.

For the minor in English, students must complete a three-hour 400-level seminar--ENGL 400, 402, 403, 404 491-492 (the senior seminar sequence), or an equivalent approved by the Department--and ENGL 395, Literary Criticism.

For the minor in literature, students must also complete 12 additional semester hours of literature selected from courses numbered 302 or above.

For the minor in communications, students will also complete 18 semester hours selected from among COMM courses, 12 of which  must be in courses at the 300-level or above. A student may use no more than 6 semester hours of cooperative education, internship or independent study to satisfy requirements for the minor.