Degree Programs: French

French Major

The requirements for the major in French are:
FREN 201-202 Intermediate French (or the equivalent).
Second foreign language or equivalent (101 through 202).
300-400 level course work in French from the following: must include courses in civilization, grammar/linguistics, and literature; plus one interdisciplinary elective approved by the foreign language faculty.
FREN 301 Introduction to French Civilization
Three hours selected from the following:
FREN 311 Phonetics
FREN 321 Advanced French Composition
FREN 415 Foreign Language Teaching (Act as T.A. for FREN 101)
Two courses from Literature sequences
FREN 378 Survey of French Literature I
FREN 379 Survey of French Literature II
FREN 456 French Novel
FREN 457 French Poetry
FREN 495 Special Topics: Novel/Film,/Poetry/Theater
FREN 455, 461, 471, 491, 496
French Electives chosen from 300-level or above: 12-14 semester hours.
One elective course approved by foreign language faculty. Suggested courses are:
ENCO 316
ENGL 312, 324, 305, 306, 395
FREN 389
GERM 392 (in English)
HIST 336/436, 345/445, 495
PHIL 345, 346, 206
SPAN 389
Relative electives chosen with the approval of the Department: 12-14 semester hours

TOTAL: 57-59 semester hours