Degree Programs: Spanish




“Bestow great attention on this and endeavor to acquire an accurate knowledge of it.

Our future con-nections with Spain and Spanish America will render that language a valuable acquisition...”

 Thomas Jefferson. Founder of The University of Virginia. 

Download the Spanish Major/Minor Brochure. New! (pdf)

The requirements for the major in Spanish are the following:

Semester hours

- SPAN 201-202. Intermediate Spanish (or the equivalent) 6

- Second foreign language or equivalent (101 through 202) 12

Upper-level course work in Spanish from the following (must include courses in civilization, grammar/linguistics, and literature):

- SPAN 327 Advanced Grammar 3

- SPAN 328 Introduction to Hispanic Literature 3

Three hours selected from the following: 3

- SPAN 321 Spanish Conversation

- SPAN 322 Spanish Composition

Three-four hours selected from the following: 3-4

- SPAN 301 Introduction to Hispanic Civilization

- SPAN 303 Summer Immersion in Spain

- SPAN 383 History of the Spanish Language

Fifteen hours of Spanish Electives chosen from 300-level or above* 15

Six hours selected from the following: SPAN 315, 323, 325, 326, 382.

Nine hours selected from the following:

- SPAN 350 Medieval-Golden Age Survey

- SPAN 351 Colonial Latin American Literature

- SPAN 360 18th and 19th Centuries in Spain

- SPAN 361 18th and 19th Centuries in Latin America

- SPAN 370 Modernism and the Vanguard in Latin America

- SPAN 371 Contemporary Spanish Literature

- SPAN 380 Contemporary Literature in Latin America

Special topics courses, seminars, and independent research are applicable as well (SPAN 395, 495, 496, 416, 426, and 497).
*SPAN 382 Methodology of Teaching Spanish (all students who are contemplating the possibility of teaching Spanish must take SPAN 382). 

Three hours of related electives chosen with the approval of the Department 3
The following is a list of electives (others must be approved by the Department):

- HIST 308/408; HIST 326/426; HIST 327/427; HIST 333/433; HIST 336/436

- HIST 341/441; ENGL 395; ANTH 102; POLS 306; PSYC 306; SOCI 325

- SOCI 330; ART 350; ART 351; THTR 266

- Capstone research project (LANG 491-492) 3

TOTAL 51-52


Interested in becoming a Spanish Major or Minor? 

Contact Dr. Gilfoil (Head of the Spanish section), Dr. Fernández-Díaz (Coordinator of the Spanish Majors and Minors) or, Dr. Adrian (Chair of the Department of Language and Literature).