Media Services

Media Services supports and facilitates the application of media technology and non-print media resources to support and enhance teaching, learning, and administrative services, as well as other campus activities and events.  Media Services provides faculty, staff, and students with a variety of technology resources, equipment and services to the campus community.

Media Technicians perform a variety of activities that support educational technology on campus.  Media Services obtains and circulates media materials, manages the UVa-Wise television studio and all programming related to UVa-Wise 55 (Comcast Channel 55), and maintain all media presentation equipment on campus.  UVa-Wise 55 features a variety of original and Annenburg educational and cultural programming as well as hourly news, weather and sports scores.

Media Services offers a wide range of production services ranging from video and audio tape duplication, video teleconferencing, and setup of events on campus. 

If you have questions over an event setup or a service we provide, contact us at 276-328-0312.

Media Services is dedicated to customer service and satisfaction, and to providing leadership to enable the College to excel in the use of technology and information resources to enhance teaching and learning, and improve services and productivity.  We are committed to continuous, long-term improvement to meet needs in an exceptional way. 

If you need to have an event or check out equipment, please checkout the Facilities & Equipment web page for further information.


Media Services Contact Information

Rosa Bott
Media Services Coordinator
Zehmer Hall 108
Phone:  (276) 328-0312