Policies & Security : Abuse & Security Reporting

The security and protection of the College’s resources is everyone’s responsibility. If you witness or know of a threat to or misuse of any of the resources on campus, large or small, whether that threat is internal (from someone on campus) or external (someone not on campus), then you have an obligation to report what you know to the proper authorities abuse@uvawise.edu. All reports will be investigated and the appropriate actions will be taken. You can make a difference. We are all working toward one goal and success requires the assistance and perseverance of every individual.

***All emails should be forwarded with full headers.

What You Should Report
Threatening emails should be reported immediately. If you feel threatened by the contents of an email received through your uvawise.edu account during normal business hours (M-F 8:00-5:00) you can report it to abuse@uvawise.edu or (276) 376-4641 or contact the Campus Police anytime at 911 or (276) 328-COPS. Do not disregard a threat, take all threats seriously.

If you are receiving harassing emails to your uvawise.edu account please forward the email to abuse@uvawise.edu and/or call extension 4641 to report the abuse.

Abuse & Security Contact Information

Susan Herron
Security & Policy Coordinator
Smiddy Hall 115
Phone: (276) 376-4641
E-Mail:  slh4q@uvawise.edu

Grant Baker
Senior Systems & Security Administrator
Smiddy Hall 174
Phone:  (276) 376-4640
E-Mail:  gdb6g [at] uvawise.edu