Technology Support : Frequently Asked Questions

 General Support and Help

  1. Where can I go to find out what computer systems, vendors and software UVa-Wise recommends for incoming students?  How do I get onto the campus student network?
    Click here for recommendation information.

  2. Who do I talk to if I cannot login to My UVa-Wise portal for grades and billing information?
    The My UVa-Wise portal uses the same username/password login as your College email account.  First, make sure you can login to email.  If you can't login to your e-mail, reset your password here.  If you can get into your email account and still cannot get into your portal account, please email from your "" email account.

  3. Where do I go to update my campus emergency alert information?
    The campus uses the AlertNow campus alert system but your participation is voluntary.  AlertNow is only used for campus emergency situations.  Register your email, cell phone and SMS text number online at to sign up today!

Moodle Course Management

Moodle information can be found at  For questions logging in to Moodle, contact  For questions or issues with courses or content, contact

Campus Email

  1. How do I setup my iPhone, iPad or Android phone/tablet for email/calendaring?
    The UVa-Wise email system fully supports connections from the iPhone and Android phones.  Click here to download the configuration guide in PDF format.

  2. Who can have a college email account?
    All students, faculty, and staff can acquire a college email account through the IT Helpdesk.

  3. How can I access my email account?
    For assistance with email contact

  4. Can I choose my email address login?
    Unfortunately you can not choose your email address login.  Your UVa-Wise computing ID is a computer generated name which includes the initials of your full name, a random number, and a random letter.

  5. Will any faculty or staff member at UVa-Wise contact me for my password?
    UVa-Wise staff and faculty will never ask for your username and password over email.  Never share your personal information (passwords, credit card, social security card information) over email.

  6. How do I find out someone's email address?
    UVa-Wise faculty, staff, and student email addresses can be looked up on the UVa-Wise site at this link: /UVaWisePeopleSearch

  7. I received an "over quota" message, what does this mean?
    This happens when a user’s mailbox has exceeded the maximum allowable size. You will need to delete any unnecessary files from your account. You need to be sure and delete the files from the “Deleted Messages” folder as well. Items in “Deleted Messages” are counted against the quota and should be removed.

  8. How do I change my email password?
    Visit /smop, click Reset Password/Unlock Account, enter your UVa-Wise username, answer the security questions, and choose a new password.  If you do not remember the answers to your security questions or need more assistance with your account, please email or call the IT Helpdesk at 276-376-4509.


UVa-Wise Box

  1. What is Box?
    Box stores documents in the could and allows you to access them on any devices

  2. How can I access my files?
    You can log in to your Box account at using your UVa-Wise username and password.

What can I store in Box?


Data Permitted in Box

Data Prohibited in Box

UVa Box & Official Box Apps (i.e., apps developed by Box, not third parties)

  • Health information, including HIPAA-protected data
  • Social Security, passport, or financial account numbers
  • Credit card processing (PCI) data
  • Export-controlled research (e.g. ITAR, EAR)
  • Any other highly sensitive data (refer to University policy for examples)

Additional information can be found here