Technology Support : Frequently Asked Questions

 General Support and Help

  1. I'm new to UVa-Wise.  Where can I find tutorial documentation on updating Windows and downloading campus-provided virus protection software?
    Visit this page for our tutorial downloadable documentation. 
    Click here to download tutorials on Windows updates, downloading our free virus protection and many more...

  2. Where can I go to find out what computer systems, vendors and software UVa-Wise recommends for incoming students?  How do I get onto the campus student network?
    Click here for recommendation information.

  3. Do you allow students to bring wireless routers and access points into the residence halls to use with the College network ports?
    We are sorry but we do not allow students to bring their own wireless routers and access points to school due to their interferance with other campus wireless signals. 
    All UVa-Wise residence halls offer wireless connectivity to the campus network and Internet. The Townhouse Apartments, Theme Houses, and CAV House are supplied Internet connectivity through a local ISP and not connected into the campus network

  4. Who do I talk to if I cannot login to My UVa-Wise portal for grades and billing information?
    The My UVa-Wise portal uses the same username/password login as your College email account.  First, make sure you can login to email.  If not login to your email, click here for more information.  If you can get into your email account and still cannot get into your portal account, please email from your "" email account and someone will assist you.

  5. Where do I call to get general computer and/or network support?
    If you have computer or network problems or questions, please email or call the HelpDesk support line at 276-376-4509 during our business hours of Monday-Friday, 8:00am EST to 5:00pm EST.

  6. Where do I go to update my campus emergency alert information?
    The campus uses the AlertNow campus alert system but your participation is voluntary.  We STRONGLY suggest you register for these alerts, which are only used for campus emergency situations.  Register your email, cell phone and SMS text number online at to sign up today!!

Moodle Course Management

Moodle information can be found at  UVa-Wise no longer uses or supports Blackboard.  For more information on getting started with Moodle, contact

Campus Electronic Mail (email)

  1. How do I setup my iPhone, iPad or Android phone/tablet for email/calendaring?
    The UVa-Wise email system fully supports connections from the iPhone and Android phones.  For full configuration information, CLICK HERE to download the configuration guide in PDF format.  Please note that IT cannot troubleshoot problems with personal cellular phones.

  2. Who can sign up for a college email account?
    All students, faculty, and classified staff can acquire a college email account through Information Technology. If you are a new student, new staff, or new faculty member, you must wait until your information shows up in our database for us to be able to issue you an account. This process may take up to a week or longer after your hire or enrollment.

  3. Where do I go to request an email account?
    To request an account please visit the Helpdesk located in Darden 110.  Here you will be issued a password so that you can access your account. For security reasons, you must present a valid photo ID for this service.

  4. Where do I go to login to my E-Mail?
    You can use our webmail client located at to access your E-Mail.

  5. Why won't my webmail or E-Mail accept my password?
    Passwords for E-Mail/webmail are case sensitive. The most common reason for refusing your password is that the Caps Lock key is on. Please check to see that this key is off before typing your password. Also, verify that you are typing the correct numbers and letters. Oftentimes, Zero (0) and the Letter (O) are confused as well as the Number One (1) and the Lowercase (l).   To recover a lost password, visit online to have your password reset.

  6. Can I choose my email address login?
    Unfortunately, no. Your UVa-Wise computing ID is a computer generated name which includes the initials of your full name, a random number, and a random letter.

  7. I got an email message from someone "official-looking" asking for my login and password OR personal information.  What do I do??
    UVa-Wise staff or faculty will NEVER ask for your username and password over email.  NEVER share your personal information (ie. passwords, credit card, social security card information) over electronic mail.  You will be in danger of fraud or identity theft that could cost you your money, your credit rating and your reputation.  Please DO NOT DO IT!!  :)

  8. How do I find out someone's email address?
    UVa-Wise faculty, staff, and student email addresses can be looked up on the UVa-Wise site at this link:

  9. I received an "over quota" message, what does this mean?
    This happens when a user’s mailbox has exceeded the maximum allowable size. You will need to delete any unnecessary files from your account. You need to be sure and delete the files from the “Deleted Messages” folder as well. Items in “Deleted Messages” are counted against the quota and should be removed.

  10. Why can't I type in the message of an e-mail?
    If you can't type in the e-mail and a red X is displayed, go directly to the login site at When you log in, choose the Basic e-mail client.

  11. How do I change my e-mail password?

1. Log in to your e-mail
2. Click OPTIONS
3. Click CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD on the right side of the page
4. Type your OLD PASSWORD INTO THE Old Password Field
5. Type your NEW PASSWORD into the New Password Field
6. Retype your NEW PASSWORD into the Confirm New Password Field
7. Click SAVE
If you have other questions, please email or call the HelpDesk support line at 276-376-4509.