Moodle CMS Resources for Students, Faculty & Staff

Over the 2009-2010 academic year, UVa-Wise will be evaluating Moodle for use in course management applications.  We have not made any decisions to adopt Moodle as our primarily course management product to date.  We are recommending that all faculty take a look at Moodle at

The following links are educational resources on technology related to teaching and learning with Moodle.  If there are additions you would like to see added, please email us at  Thank you!

Click the video once to watch the video in 320X240 or once again while playing to go to Youtube for the full size video presentation.

What is Moodle?
by Youtube user: jenericjarvis

Registering for a Moodle Course
by Youtube user: j wood sylvan

Uploading Powerpoint into Moodle
by Youtube user: newcurioshop

Uploading files to Moodle
by Youtube user: j wood sylvan

Creating an Assignment in Moodle
by Youtube user: newcurioshop

Using Gradebook in Moodle
by Youtube user: ktosotheryba

Adding Forums to your course
by Youtube user: alexis6alexis

Creating a Quiz in Moodle
by Youtube user: hawaiitokai