Resident Advisors (RAs)

Student residential staff at The University of Virginia's College at Wise includes more than 30 Resident Advisors (RAs). RAs are extremely important to the success of the residential community and serve in a variety of roles, including:  role model, resource, community builder, mediator, advisor, administrator, facilitator, and mentor. 

While being an RA does require a great amount of time and energy, serving on the student residential staff offers skills development and experiences that will reap a lifetime of benefits.  The successful RA is willing to devote the necessary time and energy in their communities to fully impact the acclimation and development of their residents.  Is it demanding? - it challenging? - it time-consuming? - yes -- but more importantly, it is rewarding, meaningful, and life-changing!

The RA is a highly motivated student leader who serves as the primary contact for the College's  residential students. The RA is responsible for fostering relationships and cultivating a sense of community in his/her area of influence. The RA works to help connect his/her residents to all the campus has to offer while also bringing opportunities for growth and development into the residential communities.

RAs are responsible for planning programs and events, mediating roommate conflicts, helping residents take ownership of the policies and regulations of the College, serving as part of an on-call duty rotation, being a resource for residents, and participating in the state RA leadership conference.

What are the specific requirements of being an RA?

  • Serve on an On Duty (7 pm-midnight) and On Call (midnight-7 am) rotation approximately one night per week and two weekends per semester.  During these rotations, you are able to complete homework, watch TV, read, play video games, sleep, etc., as long as you are reachable by your room telephone and there are no crisis situations occurring.
  • Create a bulletin board each month based on a given theme.
  • Plan and faciliate approximately nine (actual number depends on community) programs each semester.
  • Attend a weekly one-hour staff meeting.
  • Attend a weekly 30-minute one-on-one meeting with your supervisor.
  • Submit any resident/floor work orders daily.
  • Create door decorations for your residents at the beginning of each semester.
  • Facilitate mediations between your residents as necessary.
  • Document any and all policy violations.
  • Conduct monthly fire drills.
  • Conduct monthly Health and Safety Inspections.
  • Write and submit three OTMs each semester.

What are the requirements to be an RA?

  • Be at least a 2nd year student as of the fall semester.
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5.
  • Be in good judicial standing.
  • Be willing to serve as a role model to other students.

What are the benefits to being an RA?

  • Free Residence Life t-shirt and sweatshirt
  • Move in to room before everyone else
  • Private rooms if space allows
  • Half-off of your board (meal plan)
  • Weekly stipend of $145
  • 2nd year/returning RAs (i.e. 3rd and 4th semesters as RA) will receive a 5% housing discount
  • 3rd year/returning RAs (i.e. 5+ semesters as RA) will receive a 10% housing discount
  • Leadership development opportunities
  • Resume building

How do I apply to be an RA?

The RA Application Packet is made available not later than each spring semester for the coming academic year.  A complete application includes:  a cover letter, resume, personal information sheet, and three reference letters (see packet for specifics).